Invest your time wisely- expert urges youth


Q May we meet you?

 I am David Eweobaja, Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, D&D Foto Lab which is fully registered with Corporate Affairs Commission. I’m a native of Abeokuta, Ogun state, a school certificate holder. I still intend to further my education in the nearest future.

 Q, What does D&D Foto Lab do?

D&D Foto lab are into so many things: we frame pictures, make throw pillows, mug, printout pictures, acrylic, frames, split canvas frame and many other things in the world of pictures.

Q, Tell us about your journey into frame Business?

I started my frame pictures business in March 2019, but I graduated 2009  before attaining this height. That was after undergoing my training with T.jay digital Lab where I spent two years. 

I also worked with Jireh digital Lab for a year.

Q, How were you able to get enough money to establish your own company?

It was made possible through my personal saving which was Eighth hundred thousand (N800, 000), that was then. But now you must have nothing less than Two million (N2m) to start this business. As I speak, i have my own office with 10 staff working with me. There is no doubt God that helped me.

Q, What are the challenges encountered? 

One of the challenges is inability to get someone to help you. Another challenge is that the materials are too expensive and they are imported. This is really affecting the sales. The third one is that the youths are not ready to learn work again, majority of them are into cybercrime and this is so sad.

Q, Looking at the harsh economy, do people still take pictures and do frames?

Yes, But it has reduced drastically. but I still believe things will get better.

Q, If anybody want undergo training, how much is the charges?

Our current charges are Fifty thousand (50,000) for 2 years with certificate.

Q, Tell us some of your success stories?

  In the past, I had nowhere to call my own, but today, I’m a landlord. I’ve been empowered economically, we now have 3 offices. I have also been opportune to meet with so many celebrities and personalities both home and aboard.

 Q. Where do we see D&D Foto Lab in the next 5 years?

 I see D&D Fotolab having her offices both locally and abroad.

Q, What is your advice to youth?

 They should invest their time wisely by engaging in things that will add values to their lives.

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