MC Tush leads Ọmọ Aláàánú Foundation to empower Widows in Ogun State

Over one hundred widows at the weekend received various gift items ranging from Ankara fabrics, pharmaceutical products, foodstuff, skills acquisition, medical tests, and counseling sessions in Ota, Ogun State.

The program which was put together by Ọmọ Aláàánú Foundation was in fulfillment of its vision to improve the lives of widows through sustainable measures that is beneficial to their mental, social and total wellbeing, and the foundation has been organising her program on a quarterly basis in the last three years.

RevTaiwo Adeyemi, the presiding pastor, Foursquare Gospel Church, Afobaje zonal headquarters, Ota, declared the event opened with prayers and encouraged the widows in a brief message to lift their spirits in the midst of the gloom that seems to pervade their lives. He said, “I encourage you to remain grateful to God at all times because what killed your husbands could have killed you too but the Lord spared your life, so it is by the grace of God that you are still alive, it is not by your power but by the mercies of God, you must put your trust and confidence in the Lord at all times, and not in your in-laws or your children.”

Dr. Afolabi Odunsi, Orthopedic Surgeon, Faith Specialist Hospital, Ota, who identifies with the mission of the foundation by providing medical and financial support to it in the last three years, expressed satisfaction at the level of charity work provided by the foundation to indigent widows, prompting him to give generously to the cause.

A social entrepreneur, and a businessman, Mr. Oluwafemi Babalola, popularly known as MC Tush(Tushcompere), who is the convener of the program explained that he started the foundation called Ọmọ Aláàánú which means a kind-hearted child that is passionate to assist the less privileged in the society and has been involved in it for some time. “We see ourselves as kind-hearted children who have the mandate to show kindness to others through our deeds, which is demonstrated today.

What we basically do is to bring kind-hearted people together to cater and raise help, specifically for widows, because we are intentional and specific about our goals to transform their lives, and to beautify their lives through sustainable measures in order eradicate the social stigma some of the experience. We have 240 registered widows with our foundation within and outside this community, who have been receiving regular support from us, but in this particular event, 114 of them are present.”

Mrs. Odunsi Oluwasijibomi, a major donor to the group also reiterated the critical role the foundation is playing in helping widows in distress by providing meaningful support in times of need, bringing joy, relief, and comfort to them, which spurred herself and her husband to collaborate with the foundation in making regular donations that will help in the fulfillment of that vision.

General Manager, Daily Needs Industries, Shola Adeyi, said “I have been a resource person for the foundation by giving lectures in the area of healthy living at every event held, giving them tips on how to live healthier lives through the food they consume and other activities, which would take them away from the doctors if adhered to. We also provide the beneficiaries with our company’s products to aid in complementing their health status.”

Mrs. Abbey, one of the beneficiaries told the Travellers Magazine that Mr. Oluwafemi Babalola has been wonderful and kind to her and other widows by supporting them on a regular basis with empowerment programs, basic social amenities, health and welfare aids for about 3 years now.

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