Experts Advocate subsided equipment and suitable policy for the printing industry

The Chief Executive Officer, Dynamic Prints Limited, Prince Abduraheem Adeoye acknowledged the rapid growth of players in the industry. “All over social media, you see printers everywhere”. He lamented that this gives room to bad eggs too as some of the players in the sector are not ready to acquire  knowledge hence, they mess up the profession in terms of presentations and quality service.

He said: “Even as a graduate on the field, you still need to acquire more knowledge,  there is still a need for advancement by undergoing advanced courses, workshops and be ready to open up to new ideas. This would give you an edge over competitors. I can testify to this.

The printing expert acknowledged the efforts of the media in providing adequate information on trends of technology and its advancement adding that the role of information in making quality prints cannot be over emphasised.

Mr Dynamic as he is popularly known, thanked God Almighty for the milestone he attained and he is hopeful for a better future.

Adeoye disclosed that another challenge facing the printing industry is erratic power supply. He, therefore, urged the government to look into the area of generating electricity from animal waste which can be converted to biogas.

The Event print expert also tasked government look deeply in technology, because we have loads of talent in this country. “If government can partner with technologically advanced countries like India, Korea, Germany and China to create technology hub, you will be amazed at what Nigerian will be producing in terms of equipments. Also he urge the government regulate importation of goods by subsidizing printing equipment and consumables.

He begged government to quickly solve security challenges as it’s the only way technology can be productive to us as a Nation.

When asked about the recent Twitter ban in Nigeria, Mr Dynamic responded “there’s nothing good as a brand to be anti-government, so I won’t say much on that. But general feeling about the whole thing is that, problems bringeth solutions, I want to believe this is a wake call for Nigerian programar to take up the challenge and come up with a like App.  Recently we have seen apps made in Nigerian making it to Google store so we can fill up the market. Over 60million android users is a huge market for such a relevant service”

He enjoined youths to avail themselves of the opportunities in the printing industry, adding that they must be hardworking, loyal and persistent as this would take them far in life.

His words: “There is always a reward for loyalty and fidelity no matter what. Never succumb to challenges knowing that they abound. Finally, be focused and channel your energy to something productive.”

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