Our job is to ensure safety on roads – Oseni

Recently, the Travellers Magazine had a chat with the Owode Ijako a Unit Commander of the Traffic Compliance And Enforcement Corps (TRACE),  Mrs Oseni Temitope and she reveals her experiences on the road and with motorists on a daily basis.


Can we know your background ma?

My name is Oseni Temitope Victoria, a unit commander at Owode Ijako. I started my education at Bode Ijaye Primary School, Abeokuta in 1983-1988. I had my secondary school education at Igbore High School Abeokuta. Then, I proceeded to the National Technical Examination Board, where I studied Secretarial  Studies.  After that, I proceeded to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta in year 2000 where I obtained my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Business Administration. Later, I attended the Chartered Institution of Transport Administration of Nigeria. Presently, I am at the National Open University for my second degree in Business Administration which is in view. I am from Abeokuta, Ogun State.

As the unit commander of TRACE, what are your functions?

As you can see, our axis is a construction area. Our function is to ensure that there is free flow of traffic to avoid congestion and also to educate motorists not to park on major roads to avoid dangerous driving. We apprehend motorists for not using their seat belts or for drinking while driving. We also caution them against reckless driving or driving on one way.

As a female officer, does it have any impact between you and your colleagues who are mostly male and how do you cope with your job?

It is part of me already. What a man can do, a woman can do as well. It depends on diligence, determination, family background and futuristic view. From the start of life it has been what I longed for and now it is part of me.

Looking at the administration and its welfarism,  is there equality in how you are being treated or appreciated?

Yes, we are well appreciated by the government.

The last time we met, you were given an award, how did you feel and was that the first time of being awarded?

That was my fourth award. I was awarded by the Voice Magazine as the Outstanding TRACE Officer of Road Maintenance in 2019 and that was my first award. The fourth award was from Octagon Magazine, I was awarded as the Outstanding and Notable Traffic Compliance Officer of the Year 2021.

What is your advice to your colleagues?

My advice is that they should be up and doing and not take their job with levity. I used to tell my staff not be lazy and to see the work as their mission. We are like the road safety officers and it is our responsibility to ensure that our roads are safe.

When was TRACE established in Ogun State?

It was established in 2005 and its purpose is to ensure free flow of traffic as well as avoiding congestion on our roads. The reason it was established is to enlighten  road users. To ease congestion and reduction in delays. To create public education and enlightenment as well as road research and statistics to improve the condition of road. Also to get road traffic information and communication of services. For road traffic safety and accident management. For maintenance of road traffic regulations, parking management and other assigned state duties.

What is  the meaning of TRACE?

Traffic Compliance And Enforcement Corps.

Have you travelled on the job?

 I have only been to Lagos State for a seminar. But before I got the job, I have been to Oyo State.

What does travelling mean to you?

I so much enjoy travelling and it creates room for sight seeing and exposure.

With the situation of the country, what can you say about it?

We should love ourselves because love fulfills all things.

Also, my advice to motorists is to drive safely and think wisely. Never think of yourself only rather, think of  passengers and the person behind you.

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