Three things that can move Nigeria forward- Ogunkunle

Following the economic challenges  in the country and the negative impact of the COVID-19 on entrepreneurs particularly hoteliers, Tenth Planet hotel co-partner, Mr. Olarinde Ogunkunle has called on Nigerian government to focus on fixing three things in the economy in other for the country to thrive.

The hotelier who has continued to receive guests and congratulatory messages from  Oyo and Ogun State Tampan Governors,  actors and actresses and the likes of Madam Rose Odika upon the recent reopening of Tenth Planet hotel, was once a lecturer and  a banker with over 30 years experience. The three things he requests of government for sake of entrepreneurial growth in the country are: constant electricity, security and good infrastructure. In his words,’ If this three things are put in place, I tell you the country will move.’

Speaking with Travellers Magazine, the ex-banker who noted that hotel business in the country is largely challenged however revealed that Tenth Planet which is still undergoing innovative restructing is set to be a first class hotel where comfort meets nature.

Calling for eminent government intervention, the hardworking Ogunkunle revealed that hoteliers spend hugely on providing their own electricity in the face of the country’s unreliable power supply. More so, people will want to have excess  before they consider  patronising a hotels or going for excursion or tourism. According to him, “Hardly will you see any family that has excess now, before the salary comes, it has gone. So, how will they be able to go for an excursion, for tourism, to stay in an hotel?”

Despite the underlying challenges in the economy coupled with the scare of the COVID-19, Ogunkunle maintained that the Nigerian entrepreneurial space is still a goldmine. To this end, he charged young and aspiring entrepreneurs to have faith, be focused, consistent and determined if they are to take advantage of entrepreneurship opportunities in the country.

“Nigeria is meant for an entrepreneur, the country is created for them. If you have an idea, initiative, this is a country where you can be great but what you’ll meet along that journey will discourage you so, you need to be consistent, focused and determined. Then, with the help of God, you are there,” he admonished.

He also made it known that the hotel will continue to be an advocate for the implementation of the COVID-19 guidelines as some people do not believe in its existence.

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