Deepening Nigeria Turkey Bilateral Ties

It is no longer news that Nigerian students willing to study in Turkey have been offered 90 per cent scholarship and access for admission in more than 80 Government Universities in the Eastern Europe Country.
Over the years, a Nigerian institution, Goodmus Learning Centre had been granted the license to recruit students in Nigeria and other African countries for the scholarship programme.

The agreement is made possible due to the educational bilateral agreement between the Nigerian and Turkish Government to allow Nigerian students partake in an exam that their citizens take so as to enjoy government subsidy on education”.

As part of the recruitment process,  the institution recently organized ULUYOS examinations for admission into the scholarship programme which was held in Lagos, 11th November, 2018; 21st of March, 2019; 25th May, 2019 and 26th May, 2019 in Ibadan.

ULUYOS exam is the entrance examination that enables students to gain admission into Uludag University in Turkey.

The exam was also held in Cameroon. The Cameroon version of the  2019 ULUYOS exam however, attracted the Turkish Ambassador  in Cameroon. Pictures below show high points of the meeting between Head of Missions, Turkish Embassy in Yaoundé, Mr Hüsnü Murat Ülkü and the Chief Executive officer, CEO Goodmus Learning Centre, Badmus Adekunle shortly after the exams held in Yaoundé, Cameroon. TN

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