Be Friends With Your Girl Child- Fred

Girl Child’s Manual is an annual programme organised by Fred Akpan David; an organisation established to educate girls between age 11 and 18 years as they journey through life and how they can cope with the society.

The programme tagged: “Future for the girl child,” took place in Lagos with speakers from various fields of learning and engaged the students with inspiring talks and health related discussions.

The organiser of the programme, Mr  Fred told Traveller’s Magazine that he was happy at the turnout of people at the event. He said the idea to establish the  Girl child manual was God given. According to him,  the society where he grew up also contributed as he has witnessed how the girl child suffers injustice, victim of rape, forced marriage and denied education because they are female and are seen as weaker vessels who are only useful in the kitchen.

He explained that he decided after his secondary school to write and carve the girl child out something special to teach the girl child how important they are in the society, government and politics.

He, however, said  he has been sponsoring the programme over decades without the support of neither the government nor an NGO because it is something he enjoys doing.

Director, Lagos State Ministry of Education Child Guardian Council and Special Education Unit, Mrs Williams Oluwatoyin, representing  the commissioner for education and also a guest speaker said both parents are involved in the upbringing of the girl child and should not be left for the mothers alone.

She said her ministry set up a school in Lagos named: Alternative school for girls, where girls who fall victims of rape, early pregnancy, emotionally and mentally disorder, whose education were disrupted due to financial problems could attend irrespective of their age.

The Head of Department of Education, Alimosho Local Government, Mrs Olajumoke Anike Akiyemi, explained how her ministry over the years had made enormous impact in the girl child’s life.

She said her ministry initiated the International Day of the Girl Child to make the girl child feel important in the society which takes place every October 11.

They also setup Spelling B competition for girl child among schools and established vocational schools for not only the girl child but both female and male child could be empowered.

She encouraged continuity of programmes like this where the girl child could be sensitised.

One of the guest speakers, Mrs Adebamigbe Olamijulo  spoke on cleanliness by the girl child, which she said starts from the home and urged parents to be examples to their girl child.

She said when parents take proper care of the home, the children would do so too.

Adebamigbe encouraged parents to wake up to their responsibilities of proper upbringing of the girl child, relate well with them and be their friends to enable them share important information about their life with them