CCC Leader Applauds Mother Esther Ajayi for ‘The Comforter’

By Tiannah Adelere

The Shepherd-in-charge of Celestial Church of Christ, Oke-Ayo Parish, Ilo-Awela 1, Ota, Most Senior Evangelist Oluwagbemiga Adeyeri has commended Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi for successfully organising the annual Christian crusade known as ‘The Comforter’. The 3rd edition and the first-of-its-kind in Nigeria held at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in Lagos Island.

Testifying that the programme has changed lots of lives, Evangelist Adeyeri said that the convener has been able to use it to show that she is a good mother who is able to submit herself to God as a tool for the unification of white garment churches.

Evangelist Adeyeri said “Our Mother Esther Ajayi is a good mother and I really like the programme she organised recently. ‘The Comforter’ is for the union of white garment churches; I was amazed with what transpired at the programme. I have never seen anything like it. There were lots of important people at the programme and I very much welcome the idea of the union between the Celestial Church of Christ and the Cherubim and Seraphim Church. We shouldn’t see ourselves as enemies and our relationship should be more cordial than it used to be in the past. Anyone at the programme would know that everything that happened there was according to God’s will. Even the government supported the programme and I was happy about it because I met important people who I have never met before. I am using this medium to pray for Mama Esther Ajayi that God will continue to help her on her journey. God will continue to use her for miraculous things and will also protect her”.

According to Evangelist Adeyeri, the Lord has also used him for mighty manifestations, including safe deliveries of pregnant women, opening the wombs of erstwhile barren women, helping members to overcome barriers and so on. He said that people have begun to visit his church from America, London and other places as they have heard of the many miracles God has performed through him.

Adeyeri went on to say “Our harvest is coming up November 10th, 2019, people who don’t contribute have started to help us. God has used me miraculously already this year and I give Him the glory for the testimonies from far and near.

On his family and how he became the church leader, he added “my father had six children, two males and four females. Five are married already and very soon the remaining one will get married too.”

“The reason they allowed me to take the position was because I am quite simple and calm.  They also saw the efforts I put in the church to see that the church increased in number. However, when our parents died, there was a need to fill the vacant position. I was interviewed and not long after, I was given the post.”

“Since I took over, I have ensured to follow protocols and not to pass my boundaries. If I need to do anything, I call the church committee. This coupled with the manifestation of miracles have endeared me to them”, he added.

He said the committee prayed a lot before they chose him and God also talked to him about the church and its members.

Advising the government, he said “The government of Nigeria is in God’s hand, because He is the one who can help us. I advise all government officials to walk in God ways, so that all things will be better. If we don’t use God plan, we will fall”.

On his church, he said “the church is owned by my father and his name is Superior Evangelist Michael Morenikeji Adeyeri. The church has branches, Oke-Ayo 2 and Oke-Ayo 3.  Ever since my father died, I have been the shepherd-in-charge of the church, putting the congregation through on the doctrines my father taught me before he died. I am still following the doctrines till now. “

“I have been the shepherd of the church for over seven years, since my father passed away. The Lord has been with me and I am doing the work as the Lord has sent me to do. The challenges I faced are enormous, but I thank God for life because there is no way that anyone will be in a position like this without facing challenges. If one does not have faith and steadfastness in the Lord, one would have backslidden, but I thank God I am in His vineyard.”