OSHO… A man of many parts

Meet Mr. Alex Osho, a renowned master of ceremony, actor, singer, saxophonist, multiple award nominee and brand ambassador.Call him a serial creative entrepreneur and you would make no mistake. Osho who paid his dues – to use a familiar cliché among creative industry practitioners- struggling through the years and by dint of hard work and consistency has made a name for himself and impacted humanity in no little way.

With 18 years experience in the art/entertainment industry, he has become a big name.He has featured on stage and movies with lots notable actors produced/co-produced a few stage plays to his credit.In 2007, the vision became clearer and Osho founded Root Entertainment Africa (REA) with the aim of providing entertainment services to the public.REA runs a 12-man band called Root Entertainment Band. Under REA, he has successfully produced a few comedy/music concerts.As master of ceremonies, Osho anchored hundreds of weddings, birthdays, seminars, end-of-the-year parties, expos and concerts, among others.An arts collector and a curator at the National Museum Lagos, Osho holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos. TN

Alex, as his fondly called, is social media savvy and can be reached on Instagram @alexosho, Facebook @alexosho, Email: alexanderosho@gmail.com and Tel. 09083368070