Dana Air: Pushing CSR Initiatives Beyond Borders

In keeping with its lead in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Dana Air has joined the search and call for

donors of stem cell for a patient diagnosed with cancer of the blood. Astrid, 41, a Nigerian- German mother, is in need of a stem cell transplant to survive a disease she was diagnosed with in September 2018, after visiting the doctor for sore throat.

Speaking on Dana Air’s call for donors recently, the Media and Communications Manager of Dana Air, Kingsley Ezenwa said ”Project PINK BLUE, a cancer fighting non- governmental organization that we have been supporting for years now in partnership with Bone Marrow Registry Nigeria (BMRN) and The SunFlower Fund is organizing donor drive events across Nigeria and we are calling on Nigerians to help save Astrid by registering and signing up as donors.’’

”To stay alive, Astrid needs a matching stem cell donor and anyone who is healthy and between the 18-45 years old can help by registering as a potential stem donor by attending the donor drive taking place at: GIZ Office, 592 Idejo Street, Beside Development Bank, Victoria Island, Lagos. 11am-5pm, or visit www.help- astrid.com. The registration takes only a few minutes and doesn’t hurt or involve any cost implication.”

The search for her genetic twin is very difficult. The chance of finding this match is 1:100 000 and the best chance of a match is within your same ethnic background. There is only a 25% chance that a sibling will be a match. The remaining 75% chance depends on an unrelated matching donor being found

As part of its broad corporate social responsibility (CSR), Dana Air has been in the forefront of supporting sickle cell and cancer awareness programs across Nigeria. The airline has also been supporting one of the organizers of the events –Project PINK BLUE, in its drive to create awareness about cancer, and assist survivors across the country.

Late last year, Dana Air was honored with the Humanitarian Partner’s Award by Project Pinkblue, a nongovernmental organization in Abuja in recognition of its corporate social responsibility, Consistent support to Project Pinkblue and contribution to Cancer control in Nigeria. organization in Abuja

The airline was honored alongside select Governors, Celebrities, Wives of Governors, volunteers, Senators, Ministers and survivors for their contribution to the fight against cancer in Nigeria, at an event to raise funds for victims of cancer held recently at Transcorp Hliton Abuja. Speaking on the airline’s recent award, the Accountable Manager of Dana Air, Obi Mbanuzuo said, ‘we wish to thank Project Pinkblue for recognizing and appreciating our contribution to the fight against cancer in Nigeria and other initiatives, CSRs that we have carried out just to show commitment to the well-being of Nigerians. We care and we believe that the only way to fight cancer is by first supporting the survivors and creating massive awareness about cancer.’’

Obi assured that the airline, being a proudly Nigerian brand will

continue to support initiatives that will contribute to the wellbeing, growth and development of Nigeria as part of its broad corporate social responsibility.

Similarly, the airline in a bid to save lives and contribute greatly to the healthcare of Nigerians, has also partnered Rotary Club on blood donation camp aimed at bridging the ever-increasing demand for blood due to shortage of voluntary blood donors across the country.

In the recently conducted blood donation camp, a large pool of its employee volunteered in the program to help contribute to the Rotary club’s call on corporate bodies to provide blood and meet up with the needs of the country’s population of over 180 million people. The blood donation drive is to help ensure blood is never missing from hospital shelves and to reduce the surging rise of postpartum hemorrhaging, which is the leading cause of maternal mortality, accounting for over 27 percent of all maternal deaths in Nigeria.

Dana Air, earlier in the year was recognized as the Most Socially Responsible domestic airline in Nigeria by the League of Airports and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC). The airline recently celebrated 10 years of service to Nigeria, with record-breaking load factor, unrivaled on-time performance and world-class in-flight service. TN